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The World's First Blockchain Operated Real Estate Brokerage.

It's Time To Change The Industry.

The solo agent model has been proven ineffective at scale, with up to 90% of agents not succeeding. Clearly, it's time for a change - one that will revolutionize the industry and empower its members!

 Finally a model that works for all agents, not just the top 10%.


Team  Paychecks

Special Teams

Voting & Proposal Power

Funded Marketing

Revenue Share

Unlimited Agent Collaboration

Share Ideas. Share Financials. Share Success.

Pay No Monthly Fees

No Tech Fees

No Ongoing Fees

No Fees Whatsoever!

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Speciality Teams Model.  Collaborative Success.

No one agent should have to do it all.

The New Kids Hangout on The Blockchain.

Flexibility & Scalability

A New Way Of Doing  
Real Estate Sales.

More Earning Power

Where Real Estate Agents Have Creative Control.

Better Collaboration

Become a part of History.

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Own the process

Unique By Design Realty is revolutionizing the real estate industry by giving agents unprecedented control of their brokerage operations. Through this new platform, powered by Digital NFT ownership and blockchain technology, agents can now bring their ideas to life with greater autonomy - funding projects, marketing campaigns and even setting up policies that help benefit each individual as well as every other agent in the firm.


It's an entirely new way for you to make the company truly yours  – your own brokerage to build.


Lead Funnel

Our brokerage stands out from the rest due to its collaborative mentality. Leads are generated through the collective efforts of the firm and its members. Using our 3-step follow up system. We ensure leads are never lost in a pile but instead shared and distributed evenly amongst agents.


Our lead collaboration model assures that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Unlike other organizations, we foster a culture of sharing every aspect of the business in order to help all our agents thrive!


Marketing Flexibility

Investing in marketing is paramount to achieving success. Together we finance the operations and collaborate with you on strategies, concepts, and branding – all integral elements of a successful business.

Let your imagination run free - with the support of like-minded peers, there's no limit to what you can create!



With a co-op brokerage, you'll always be supported through mentorship. We recognize the importance of collective growth and excellence - so our agents are not only given comprehensive training in topics they want to learn but also incentivized for mentoring other team members. Our company prioritizes meaningful education over 'fluff' that won't help your advancement.



As an agent co-op brokerage, collaboration yields rewards! Teamwork and success come hand-in-hand with a tailored commission structure that incentivizes agents to work together.


Agents, say goodbye to boring commission structures! With our new compensation model, you and your team can unlock a lucrative earning potential. Don't settling for mediocrity - take advantage of this profitable model.



At our firm, collaboration, ideas, and participation isn’t just encouraged – it’s rewarded! Agents can both reward each other for their efforts as well as benefit from revenue share that comes from being part of a specialty team.


And this is in addition to an array of enticing rewards such as exclusive branding opportunities, gift cards, and more - will be all available at your fingertips through App Game.*


Company Growth Options/Rev Share

Climbing the corporate ladder is no longer exclusive to law offices and corporate structures. Agents now have more opportunities than ever before for rewards, prestige, and career advancement when demonstrating hard work within the firm, leading to even bigger payouts in revenue share!


It's an unprecedented opportunity that can empower agents like never before - join us on this revolutionary journey up!


Systems & Support

Our company boasts a one-of-a kind system that helps ensure the success of everyone in every aspect. From transaction management, communication and customer relations to financial and physical support - you're covered!


Every member is part of this amazing team effort which guarantees efficiency across all departments.

Perks, On Top of Perks, On Top of Perks

The More You Collab, The More You Earn.

WEB 3 Powered

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Earn Income With Effort.

Reward Based System

Our real estate agents can earn more than most agents in the industry through effort and collaboration. Unique agents earn Unique Reward Tokens (URTs) for their hard work. URTs are earned through activities that include social media posting and open houses; assisting other agents; plus much more.


So don't just play a game with imaginary consequences - upgrade your career by playing this unique real-world reward system today! Exchange your rewards for items such as cash from team closed sales, agent branding, vacation getaways, and in the future: Unique owned Property access, and more.

A Game Where Everyone Wins.


What makes you Unique?

4 Company Pillars


Are you ready to Build Together?

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