The World's First Agent Owned Brokerage.

A Real Estate Collaborative.

Let's Co-Op Together. 

It's your Brokerage to build.

Solo Real Estate Agents have the most challenging time succeeding.

Unique By Design Realty has solved this by creating a co-op brokerage built on the Blockchain and Operated by the real estate agents who make it.

Pay No Monthly Fees

No Tech Fees

No Ongoing Fees

No Fees Whatsoever!

Share Ideas. Share Financials. Share Success.


Team Bonuses and Paychecks

Shared Company Bank Account

Digital Ownership

Funded Marketing

Revenue Share

Unlimited Agent Collaboration

A New Way Of Doing  
Real Estate.


Where Real Estate Agents Have The Control.

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Blockchain Operated. NFT Powered.

What Do Other Unique Agents Say?



Each real estate agent owns a piece of the brokerage through Blockchain technology. That ownership gives every agents power to create policies, access to fund projects and build the brokerage as they see fit. 


Lead Funnel

As the most collaborative brokerage on the planet, leads are filtered and shared amongst the members evenly. Leads are distributed to the agents who are most ready to buy or sell based on the member's expertise.  


Marketing Flexibility

Marketing is at the forefront of any successful business. We fund the marketing and you work on the ideas and branding as a collective team.



As a co-op brokerage, you'll always have mentorship. Unlike 99% of other firms, agents are, in fact, directly incentivized to share ideas and mentor. There's training for the topics you want to learn and the teams you want to be on. You won't get bogged down by a bunch of fluff you don't like or will use for the sake of "training."



As an agent co-op brokerage. commission splits aren't dull. Agents are also paid a split from team sales out of the broker's pocket. Creating an incentive to work together as a true team.
Along with a 95% deal cap makes, this model the most lucrative. Collaborate and earn together.



Members are rewarded for participation & collaboration. Agents can reward each other and agents are awarded for building and involvement.

Joining one of the specialty teams in the firm is the best way to be rewarded with a team-split income outside of your commission. There are chances also to earn other rewards.

Ranging from: Exclusive branding, gift cards, and spa treatments. The list goes on. *See App Game

growth (2).png

Company Growth Options/Rev Share

The move up the ladder is only prevalent in law offices and corporate conglomerates. Agents can be promoted into a more prominent role in the firm on effort. With a more prominent role comes bigger pay and revenue share. Never before have agents had the power to move up in the company as a traditional agents, but we aren't traditional. 

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Systems & Support

Systems play a big part in efficiency. Because we are a limited member-owned brokerage, systems are vital. Members are integrated into the systems such as CRM, transaction management, and more. 

Constant support is provided from all team members as each agent is mentally, financially, and physically supported in every aspect of their business due to the company structure. 

Agent Member Perks

 Grow Your Business ON OUR APP.

WEB 3 Powered.

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Earn Income With Effort.

Build with Effort, Grow with Sales.

Our real estate agents can earn income and rewards via crypto tokens, "Unique Reward Tokens," for basically putting in the effort. Posting on social, open houses, assisting other agents, and more. It's virtually a real-world game that rewards tokens redeemed for rewards such as digital marketing materials, exclusive training, vacations, cash bonuses, and other rare rewards.


Real estate agents work hard to build their businesses. And now, agents are rewarded for putting in the effort in the ordinary course of business. 

A real estate game with real-world consequences.

A Game Where Everyone Wins.

O'Bryant Cannon
Founder & CEO

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A company and brand are only as great as its members. And a real estate brokerage is no different. That's why I choose to make it my life mission to bring a different concept to the real estate world by bridging the gap between agents, brokers, brokerage, and the blockchain—creating an equal playing field where all members can succeed under a fully operational agent Co-Op structure.

Everyone wants to play a role on a team and be a part of something larger than themselves. I believe Unique By Design Realty will play a role in a new generation of agent owners through Blockchain technology. 



Expanding into other areas around the country helps to grow productivity and collaboration with the agent owners in other markets.


We will be opening the Unique Center Office. Allowing agent owners a central co-op space.

But an education hub for the public. Teaching topics necessary for an equitable society.


Building sustainable and affordable housing in the markets we serve is at the top of our agenda. 


Giving back to the community in a big way through easily accessible resources is essential. The blockchain will help us achieve this.

Are you ready to Build Together?